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Winter Benchmark Policy

(Scantron and CSR)

Rev. 8/15/18

Winter Benchmark - Scantron

As a state requirement, all students at Connecting Waters Charter School must demonstrate progress towards mastery of the state standards.


Students in grades 3-8 and grade 11 will complete a Scantron Benchmark this winter (December, January, or February) in the areas of Reading, Language Arts, and Math. This benchmark is a computer administered assessment that provides feedback to Education Specialists and parents about their student’s strengths and needs in their current grade level standards.  This information can help focus instruction and review activities to prepare the student for new and more challenging concepts. Students who received a score of Standard Exceeded/four (4) on the CAASPP during the prior school year may choose not to participate in the benchmark in that area. However, the Scantron provides valuable feedback. Most students who use Study Island (K-12), Education Galaxy (K-6), or Moby Max (K-8), and Scantron are more confident and score higher on the CAASPP.  Please note:  since this is the only local data we get for 11th graders and they do not have CAASPP scores from the prior school year, there should not be any 11th grade exemptions.  


If you consistently use Study Island (K-12), Education Galaxy (K-6), or Moby Max (K-8), it may not be necessary to participate in taking the Winter Benchmark, as these programs provide regular feedback on skills progress, suggested learning objectives and scaffolding.

Study Island Island (K-12), Education Galaxy (K-6), and Moby Max (K-8), provide students with additional practice in grade level standards, help support students struggling in specific skills, provide constant review of skills to help achieve fluent mastery, and better prepare students for summative assessments.  Ideally, all students should spend 15-20 minutes per day per subject (ELA and Math) working in one of these programs.


Parents and ESs may choose to have students earn adequate “Blue Ribbons” (Study Island) or complete the recommended percentages or time (Education Galaxy/Moby Max).  If they use one of these programs with fidelity as outlined, below, the winter Benchmark - Scantron - is not required.


Recommended Percentage in Education Galaxy (K-6) Earned for Semester 1:

We are recommending use of individual subjects (ELA and Math) showing mastery of 80% or higher, or utilization of the Diagnostic test in each subject about 3-weeks before the end of February to gauge where the student is for testing.


Recommended Time in Moby Max (K-8) Earned for Semester 1:

We are recommending use of the Diagnostic Placement Test pre-set to test the student’s current grade level standards, or utilization of the usage time of 15 hours in each subject (Math and ELA) that will give us the best indication of enough time spent and enough GOOD practice happening.


Recommended Blue Ribbons in Study Island Earned for Semester 1:

Note: Use Math CCSS Edition 2 and ELA CCSS subjects. Parents may print a Ribbon report out from their account or share their login with the ES (if desired) so the ES may verify usage.

Math (including Algebra 1):              10 Blue Ribbons Earned

English Language Arts:                    14 Blue Ribbons Earned


Any ES or parent who has a student who didn’t meet the above recommendations for any of the above programs but feels their student’s progress is a good indicator of which concepts the student needs to work in may work with their ES Advisor with regard to the need of the Winter Benchmark-Scantron.