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The Following Are Unacceptable Items That Cannot Be Purchased With Instructional Funds

(this is not all inclusive)

Items such as animal feed, car chargers for computers, basic cooking supplies such as bowls, pans, measuring cups, heavy weights, large exercise mats, furniture, storage, organizational items (large or small items, e.g. backpacks, file storage, etc.), picture frames, and other non-educational household items are not allowed.

We do not allow non-consumable accessories for nonschool items such as instrument accessories, camera accessories, computer accessories

Laser printers (and toner cartridges over $79)

Gardening tools (adult sized)

Soldering Gun

Power Air Inflator (hand pumps okay)

Backpacks (computer case backpacks okay, if for school owned computer)


Compost Bins

Pump rockets

Exacto and rotary blades

Amplifiers (unless sold as part of a kit)

Laminating machine

VCRs/DVD players

Photo printers


Guinea pig cages

Chicken eggs and other farm supplies

Food Supplies

Table tennis tables

Hermit crabs or fish aquariums


No sewing dummies

No Cricut systems

Play tunnel

Sand and water table

Woodcarving sets

Electric scissors

Paper trimmers

Staple guns


Water activity set

Rock tumbler

Frostee machine

Expensive label makers

Electric pumps

No bird feeders

Pedometers with heart monitors

Puppet theaters

Pet clippers or pet grooming supplies

Lap Desks

Materials must not expose the ES or student to dangerous or serious injury

The following types of items are unacceptable:


Paper Trimmers

Knives (including Exacto and rotary blades)

Bows and Arrows

Darts with sharp points
Staple guns or glue guns


Swimming pools

Glue Guns

Rocket Engines


Power tools

Welding equipment

Large or heavy items must be limited to those items which the ES can transport.