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RTI Program Information

2019-2020 CWCV NWEA Policy and Procedures

EC Section 47607.3 specifies that all charter schools must ensure all students show improved outcomes each year or receive possible technical assistance from their chartering authority and face possible charter revocation. In order to ensure maximum student support for improved outcomes, CWCS has is piloting a research-based Response to Instruction Policy and program. All students in CWCV will participate in this program. 


Grades TK-1

Students in Grades K-1 will be administered the WRAT.  Students with a standard (not raw) WRAT score between 80 - 89 are at risk of being below grade level and should begin Strategic Instructional Strategies as Tier 2 students.   Students with a standard (not raw) WRAT score of 79 or lower should be encouraged to begin an Intensive Instructional Program as Tier 3 students and/or be referred for a PLT. Use Reading and Writing scores for ELA; if either is low use Strategic Strategies or Intensive Instructional Support.  For information about CWCS approved K-2 strategic and intensive intervention programs, please refer to our school’s RtI Program Information page.


Grades 2-12

All students in grades 2-12 will take the NWEA Map Growth assessment prior to August 30th (or within 10 days of enrollment for late enrollees).  Proctoring will be available at the CV Resource Center during the month of August.  For those that do not attend a proctor session at the resource center, with ES agreement, the parent may proctor at home with a session PIN that will be provided by the ES.  The ES may also proctor during the first two weeks of school.  Late enrolled students will need to have the assessment completed within 10 days of enrollment.  Proctoring will be available at the CV Resource Center during January and May for the winter and spring assessments.

If the student scores proficient or advanced (may also be referred to as Tier 1 on the RtI scale) on the NWEA assessment, he/she will work in Study Island 15-20 minutes per subject (ELA/Math) daily.

If the student scores below grade level (at risk) on the NWEA assessment, he/she will work in Edmentum Exact Path for 30 minutes per subject (ELA/Math) daily. It will be the duty of the ES to check students’ usage weekly and make regular contact with parent/students who are not meeting the usage requirements. 


Timeline of Duties for ESs:

August: Ensure your students have completed the NWEA Map Growth Initial Assessment.

January: Ensure your students have completed the NWEA Map Growth Winter Assessment.

May: Ensure your students have completed the NWEA Map Growth Spring Assessment.

Monthly: Ensure your student is working in either their Exact Path or Study Island pathway for the required daily/weekly time.


ES Data Entry

There will be no data to enter for ESs as all data is within the programs being used.  ESs are responsible for contacting their Advisor and/or the Curriculum and Assessment Director if they have program placement questions, or questions interpreting assessment data.


Additional Information & Training:

All ESs will complete the NWEA Training Modules for this pilot program.  Contact for any questions, concerns, and/or assistance.


NWEA is a research-based, not-for-profit organization that supports students and educators worldwide by creating assessment solutions that precisely measure growth and proficiency—and provide insights to help tailor instruction.  CWCV will be using the NWEA MAP® Growth™ assessment which measures what students know and informs educators what they’re ready to learn next. By dynamically adjusting to each student’s responses, MAP Growth creates a personalized assessment experience that accurately measures performance.

NWEA is a nationally recognized research based program that is fully digital and adaptive. 

To help us determine if NWEA can be used effectively “district” wide, we will start with a small pilot using the CWCV school.  For the 2019-2020 school year, all CWCV students in grades 2-11 will participate in the pilot. This will make tracking easier for ESs to have an entire school pilot the program.  This will be the only CWCV data we will be collecting so participation is essential and is required for all students. Results will be shared with the CWCV authorizer.  

The NWEA Map Growth assessment and the Exact Path/Study Island programs will be used to replace the following programs used at CWCV only:

  • AIMSweb  (Progress Monitoring is built in to the Knowledge Map of Exact Path)
  • Scantron (Concept Mastery is built in to the program)
  • Concepts and Skills Review programs (Also built in to the program)
  • Tier 3 Interventions (Intensive, targeted interventions similar to Let’s Go Learn, iReady, Ascend Math, and our Developmental Reading and Math classes are built in to the program as well)

The Map Growth assessment takes approximately 45 minutes per subject (reading, language usage, math) but is untimed and can be paused and resumed, but must be completed within the CWCV policy terms.  There are 40 items for reading, 40 items in language usage, and 50 items for math.  It is computer adaptive and can adjust as high or low as needed.  It identifies the Zone of Proximal Development.  It uses the RIT scale (independent of grade level) to measure the level of academic performance.  There is a rapid guessing detection feature where it locks in at the difficulty level of when the student starts guessing.  It is compatible with any web-based application:  Computer, iPad, Chromebook.  The types of questions included: 

Recall, skill/concept, and strategic thinking level questions, drag and drop, text entry, matching, and traditional multiple-choice items.  

The NWEA assessment results upload data into Exact Path so students can practice skills they need.  SpEd students work very well with this program.

Edmentum partnered with NWEA to offer a fully integrated solution that uses a student’s MAP Growth assessment results to create individualized student learning paths in Study Island (grades 2–high school) and in Edmentum Exact Path (grades K–12).


Exact Path:  Personalized learning tool for Reading, Language Arts, and Math

Provides remediation (intensive intervention) as well as acceleration (standards preparation).  Provides an exact path of assigned lessons with Study Island and other programs.  Links to Khan Academy are embedded in Exact Path so if students cannot gain enough knowledge from the Exact Path lessons they can access lessons by Khan Academy and/or Study Island, as needed.  Places a student in a learning path working 4 skills at a time to keep them from being overwhelmed.  Allowed to take/practice/fail the skill 2x before intervention is provided, then program remediates down as low as needed.


Study Island:  Study Island offers K-12 practice and classroom assessment tools for math, ELA, science, and social studies.  With over 600,000 unique items, including more than 65,000 technology-enhanced items, Study Island offers the depth needed to continuously engage, assess, and monitor progress toward grade-level standards proficiency.  California CCSS, NGSS and History-SS aligned practice to drive proficiency.  Smarter Balanced assessment preparation.


As this is a pilot, additional details of the policy will be forthcoming throughout the year.