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Student Behavior Policy For CAASPP

CWCS Student Behavior Policy for CAASPP

  • Check In:

Grades 3-8: Parents/Guardians walk in with students for check in and confirm emergency contact information.

Grades 9-12: Parents/Guardians walk in and sign their student/s out.

  • Check out:

Grades 3-8: Parents/Guardians walk in and sign their student/s out.

Grades 9-12: Student, with a note from parent, may sign themselves out.

  • Respect: Students will listen to Identified supervising staff with courtesy and respect.
  • The School Dress Code will be adhered to.
  • We will maintain a quiet, peaceful environment by not talking while the teacher is talking.
  • We will respect our neighbor’s space and belongings.
  • Cell phones are turned off and put away during testing.
  • Hands are raised for questions.
  • Students may leave the room, to use the restroom or go on breaks, with identified supervising adults only.
  • Verbal or Physical abuse, including profanity, and threatening or violent behavior will not be tolerated.
  • We are using private property for a school sponsored event and the facility rules must also be followed.
  • When a student is done for the day, a staff member will be available to call the parent for pickup.

If the behavior policy is not followed, the parents will be called and the student sent home to either return at a later date or to a different location to make up the tests.